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Static Website Designing

Website Development Static Website Designing Your website is your best salesman.

A static website is a simple website which can be easily hosted. Static websites are good for people who want their content to be static. But if you want to modify, one should have the minimum programming knowledge. So if your website does not need the updates very often, then static website is the best solution.

Static websites display the information one way. That means it presents the information whatever the administrator wants to display. It is not possible for users to interact with the website.

Static website is good for people who just want to form a web presence. Compared to dynamic website Static website is easy to design. Generally people design static websites using HTML coding. Static websites are good to download images and brochures.

Generally static websites contains up to six pages, where the company details, services, contact us, some photos, animations, audio and video will be uploaded.

In static websites we cannot create roles users. The information mentioned in the website will be shown equally to all. In static websites users cannot control the information. Here you can see the preview of final output before uploading the content into the website.

Prosper Tech-Soft designs and deploy static websites as per the client requirement. Our websites contains whatever is necessary, but nothing else. Our websites are compatible with all web browsers. That means the website looks same in all the browsers. You can get all these services without a big price tag.

We surmount in giving you reliable web presence. Discuss your ideas with us and get the static website done today. We serve you round the year.

Dynamic Website Designing

Dynamic websites allows users to interact with the users. These websites can show the content depends upon the roles and responsibilities. Dynamic websites uses server-side technology to generate the content and access information from a database or databases.

Dynamic websites requires huge coding levels like ASP and PHP.

Now many websites in the world are dynamic websites. Dynamic websites especially are helpful when a website is thousands of pages and fields like catalogues, albums or complex data series.

Dynamic websites are two types. One is client side and second is server side.

If at all your website requires catalogues, albums or complex data series, then you need dynamic webpage.

If you want to make a dynamic website or if you already having a website which is giving problems then we are there to refurbish your website. Maintaining outdated content not only spoils company reputation badly.

Prosper Tech-Soft will work with you in creating and extending your web presence. At Prosper Tech-Soft, our technical knowhow helps you in creating dynamic websites with good look and feel. We can easily convert a static website into a dynamic website.

We can design dynamic websites, which are database driven and ecommerce.

We use the scripting languages like PHP,, and DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language).

We can design websites using Flash also.

Come to us, from next time you will definitely prefer us.