In this stage, we will check the market need of this project.

Once the project initiation and requirements is done, we will start planning for the project. Depends upon the size of the project, information we need, and size of the team we plan things carfully. In the planning stage we come up with a project plan. This could be a rough plan or a complete schedule. Project plan is helpful for everyone to identify their assigned tasks and work accordingly. We generally prepare project plan in Microsoft Project or in an excel sheet.

Creating a project plan is the first task we do for any project. We believe in the value of a project plan in saving time, money, and many other problems.


After having a solid project plan, the team can begin working on the assigned tasks. Our project managers pay complete attention in this stage. Everyone actually starts doing the work in this stage. We officially kick-off the execution in this stage. We make sure that the team has started on the right track. After each module of the project, it will be tested properly. This can take iterations till it is approved with a zero bug rate. After the testing team approved it, we will go to another module.

Monitor and Control

In this stage, we will monitor and control the project to ensure it's moving as planned. We do casual check-ins with team leaders to ensure the status. Along with that we will conduct daily stand-ups, and more formal weekly status meetings for monitoring and controlling the project. Based on the loopholes and requirements enhancements, we will modify the project plan. After the project plan was modified, it will be circulated to all team members.

We will never ignore the fact that a project which is not controllable is out of control. Hence we are much concerned on issues like regular reporting of issues, risks, progress and the constant status of the project will be checked.