SAP (System Applications and Process) is standard application software for real time business processing. It has now become world leading client/server business solutions provider. SAP has evolved a lot that now SAP has become a set of financial, added logistics, manufacturing, and HR.

The main advantage of using SAP is that it has a very high level of integration among its individual applications which guarantee consistency of data throughout the system.

First we identify the risks of the process and accordingly streamline the business processes. Then we analyze the results for a certain period of time.

We help foster their bottom line and promote growth.

A standard SAP project system is divided into three environments:

Quality Assurance, and

The implementation work takes place in the development system. The final testing is conducted before moving the transports to the production environment. The daily business activities occur in the production system.

With a common set of programs, SAP allows businesses to make rapid changes in their business requirements. Now SAP has changed its strategy from releasing new versions to providing enhancement packs.

A standard SAP project system is divided into three environments:

Financial Accounting (FI)
Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
Controlling (CO)
Materials Management (MM)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Logistics Execution (LE)
Production Planning (PP)
Quality Management (QM)
Plant Maintenance (PM)
Project System (PS)
Human Resources (HR)