Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprise Mobility

A set of process, people, and technology managing the wireless networks, mobile devices, and related services is called Enterprise Mobility. This is to enable extensive use of mobile computing. This Enterprise mobility has increasingly gained a lot of priority within the enterprise and now more workers are moving to either Smartphone or a tablet computing devices and want to start using these devices in the workplace.

People started using their mobile devices in their work-related processes such as checking email etc. Though it has been proven that mobile devices will increase productivity in the work processes, supporting a wide variety of device types and operating systems would be complex.

The cost and security risks of mobility are the key factors and the market has responded to it by developing sophisticated systems aimed to support the use of broad mobile devices within the enterprise. These systems are called as enterprise mobility management.

Security, application management and financial management are the different extents for Enterprise mobility management.

Managing mobile phones in the business sector has become a complex affair. When a mobile was lost or stolen by someone, the data in that mobile will become insecure. When corporate data is accessible via a personal mobile device, organizations have no clue over the people who are accessing that data. Enterprise mobility management recommends systems designed to control unauthorized access to corporate data on mobile devices. These include password protection and encryption, which gives an administrator all rights to delete all data from a misplaced device. With many systems, security policies can be centrally managed and enforced.

Today’s companies can no longer afford an expense report-based approach to managing their increasingly complex mobile costs and services.

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Prosper Tech-Soft offers a single point-of-contact for wireless services. We provide you with a real-time dashboard for managing and supporting mobile devices and services. With Prosper Tech-Soft, organizations can reduce the total cost of wireless ownership.

Prosper Tech-Soft not only enables companies in lessen the wireless costs, but also permits them to manage and support enterprise mobility services in real-time with secure administration. Our total “cradle-to-grave” enterprise mobility lifecycle management services allow organizations to get the hold over the confusion created by multiple devices and users.

Instead of providing “one-size-fits-all” solutions, we offer customized solutions specific to your company’s wireless needs.

Your enterprise mobility costs can only be controlled by taking our holistic services.